Frank Pitt
  Chloe Pitt
  Taylor (the dog)
Frank Pitt is the President and CEO of Pitt Packaging International, the third largest manufacturer of styrofoam peanuts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A tough boss, he's proud of the fact that twelve times in a row his company has voted him employer of the month. Frank tries to run his home like a business and looks forward to the day when his children will give him a gold watch for staying with the family for 50 years. The truth is things are not going smoothly and Frank often wishes he had the same kind of ultimate authority at home that he has at work.To maintain his sanity he often reads his favorite book, YOU CAN'T FIRE YOUR FAMILY.
A loyal yet very assertive wife to Frank, she loves him deeply but privately refers to him as "her bald and chain." A lover of fashion and interior decorating, Frank didn’t appreciate it when after one of their worst spats Chloe designed underwear for him made entirely out of wicker. She loves both her kids and cherishes her role as parent -- now if she could just get Frank to grow up. Her favorite book is entitled GREAT WOMEN AND THE MEN WHO ANNOY THEM.
Ten years old, he feels neglected by his father. "Even though dad's really busy, he still finds time to ignore me." Overshadowed by his sister's academic brilliance, he covers his hurt with humor. "My father says that based on my grades, I'm a Type D personality." When his father asks J.D. if he looks forward to someday getting a job, J.D. responds with typical sarcasm. "Sure, then I can get paid for underachieving." J.D.'s favorite book is HOW TO RETIRE BEFORE PUBERTY.
Highly intelligent, Grace is that rare seven year old who knows that the theory of relativity has nothing to do with her family. At the age of five, the story of Jack and Jill was only interesting to her when her father made them investment bankers, fetching a large interest-free loan to finance their next leverage buyout. Now that she's two years older, she fancies herself a socially conscious environmentalist. She recently led a school fundraising drive, collecting $500 for "Save the Snails." She loves other precocious kids and her favorite book on investing is "HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR MONEY" - by The Olsen Twins.
A lost dog the Pitts took in, Taylor at first thought he'd hit the lottery. Now that he's lived with them for a few years, he finds the Pitts extremely annoying and claims the only reason he stays is for the dental plan (although having a doghouse with a vestibule ain't bad). Always dreaming of adventure and romance,Taylor's favorite dog magazine is SPOT ILLUSTRATED -- THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE.

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