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Forbes Annual CEO Conference
St. Regis Hotel New York City
October 5th, 2004 - 4:30 P.M.

Michael Eisner : Excellent speech!

Me: Thank you, I hope you'll check- out my comic strip CEODAD, it would make a great show on ABC. (I give him my business card and Michael puts it in his pocket.)

Me: I'm so relieved you put my card in your pocket, the last person I gave my card to was Bill Maher and he used it to pick his teeth.

Michael Eisner : ( laughing ) I thought I'd wait till I got into the limousine.

Me : And that's what makes you the incredibly sensitive executive you are. ( We shake hands and Michael starts to walk away. )

Me : ( Calling after him ) Remember check out CEODAD , There are some strips in the program... they're really funny. It would make a great half-hour show. ( Michael is now about 50 feet away- I'm practically yelling ) Preferably around 8:30, I'm not sure which night, it would depend on the lead-in, but we could talk about that. By the way did I mention that you're wearing a terrific suit, is that a mohair?

Waiter : Actually, it's a tweed blend.

Two days later, I received this note:
One week later I sent Michael this strip and requested a meeting.
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